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I have been Straight Edge for about three and a half years. When I first learned about it, I thought the only way to be sXe was to be "Hardcore." I now feel that I was wrong. I still love the hardcore scene and music. However I don't feel like it was ever really who I was. I now feel that Straight Edge doesn't equal hardcore. Straight Edge is about living a clean lifestlye, not being in a crew or what bands you listen to. Hardcore, Ska, Punk, OI, Crust, Emo, Grind, Rap, Pop, Metal, Hip Hop, Techno, Rave, Industrial, Folk, etc. Most sXe people I know don't exclusively listen to Hardcore. So why must someone listen to hardcore at all if they wish to be Straight Edge? In fact I think a lot of people listen to hardcore only because they think they have to, if they are to be considered Straight Edge. No thank you. I personally like a lot of Hardcore, but a lot of it, frankly, is shit.

If we can break free of addictions, why do we become slaves to stereotypes?

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