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"Human Rights" covers a lot of different subjects. For easy navigation of this catagory choose a subject:


Gender (Sexism)

Toy, Color, and Gender
Androgenarchy a great e-zine
the Third WWWave
Activism, Feminism & Strong Opinions
10 Things Men Can do To End Sexism and Male Violence Against Women
REAL MEN work to End Violence Against Women
Meninist men supporting the womens movement


October 22 day of protest against police brutality
Free Mumia Abu Jamal e-petition form
International concerned Friends & Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Free Satpal Ram Self Defense Is No Offense! If you support Mumia, Satpal Ram also needs your support.
Human Rights USA
Industrial Workers of the World (the IWW)
The Death Penalty We can live without it
Refuse & Resist
Rights For All an Amnesty International offshoot
Nonviolence Web
the War Resisters
Amnesty International
Planned Parenthood


Anti-Racist Action
Anti-Hate Organization - Online a great site
Amnesty International
HateWatch Combating hate on the internet
No Room For Racism
Anti-Racism another good site
Stop The Hate
Huey P. Newton Foundation history of the Black Panthers & more

Sexuality Issues

Facts on Gay Lesbian Bi students a MUST read
Oasis! E-Magazine It's a desert out there!
A Gay-Sraight Alliance homepage
Another GSA
Rainbow Icon Archive If ya want to know why rainbows and triangles represent homosexuality, go here.
Teaching LesBiGay Students Print this up and give it to your teachers
National Day of Silence

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