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So I actually took the time to fill out one of these stupid surveys, I wonder if anyone will actually read through the whole thing.

full name: Michael Thomas Joshua Aaron Graham
nicknames: XmikeX, Xm!keX, Mike, Mikey, Myke-Hell
email addresses:
dob: Nov 14th 1978
what is your zodiac sign: Scorpio
sex: male, but I wanna be a girl 'cause sXe chicks are bad ass!
eye color: blue
birthplace: Hayward, CA
where do you live now: Bend, Oregon
parents: dad died when I was little, mom and step-dad(creepy freak)
siblings: half brother (Pat, 28), step brother (Jason, 19, currently in jail), step sister (Gina, 17)
single or taken: single, nuff said.
any pets: a fish, Sid Fishous
favorite aminal: cows, pigs, lizards
favorite tv shows: simpsons, daria(I hate to admit it), any show by Michael Moore.
favorite movie: Anything by Michael Moore, flatliners, the breakfast club
favorite book: All Ages: reflections on Straight Edge, compiled by Beth Lahickey; Banned In DC: photos and anecdotes from the DC punk underground (79-85), compiled by Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, and Sharon Cheslow.
future school: every once in a while I’ll take a class at the community college.
future job: anything as long as I own and run the business.
favorite candy: i’m a freak, I hate candy.
do you have yr own phone line: If I did it would be a waste, since no one calls me and I rarely call anyone.
favorite part of the body on the opposite sex: hmmm, bellys, and hips. I must say that I don't judge women on their looks. the reason I am attracted to people is rarely their appearance, it's how cool they are.
any tattoos: yeah, triple Xs, if I had money I would have a lot more
piercings: three in my ears, I really want a bull ring, but I also need to get a job, so those two things work against each other.
what do you sleep in: sweat shorts, and a marilyn monroe t shirt
best advice: uh depends on the problem
words of phrases you overuse: I don't have any. I used to, what happened?
favorite dream car: a deep green van with a decorative lime green stripe, and those little bubble windows.
favorite thing to do for a date: uhm, I really suck at dating. But I love just hanging out, sitting around downtown and then hanging out at a 24 hour resteraunt.
where do you shop: record stores, when I have money
coke or pepsi: uhm, coke
favorite thing to wear: carpenter pants, and my hoody
favorite subjects: damn, it’s been a while since i was in school...
favorite color: green or black
root beer or dr. pepper: dr pepper
do you smoke: never
favorite vacation spot: I guess Portland
favorite family member: either my niece or my aunt
did you eat paint chips as a child: well that’s a stupid question
how about pet food: I’ve always been tempted, but never did
favorite cd: you’re making my brain hurt
one person you hate: Satan(cute nickname for my ex-girlfriend a compulsive liar)
favorite foods: cheeseless pizza, vegie burrito
who is the hottest (famous) person in the world: Milla Jahvovavich(sp?), Jane Lane (from Daria, so what if she’s a cartoon),
burried or creamated: creamated, being burried just wastes land
do you beleive in angels: no, and I hate that stupid angel show
if you could have any job what would you be: record label owner, or record producer
do you type with your fingers on the right keys: hell yeah, I was taught by Gay Jackson, Kurt Cobains cousin. doesn't that make me cool?
one thing you obsess over: just about everything bad
what's on your mouse pad: a picture of a tiger! It's grrrreeeeeaa... no it's stupid
favorite day of the week: no opinion, they’re all the same
favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN!
teacher you dislike: that damn professor that lives across the street from me and always calls the cops on me when I play guitar in my garage.
favorite disney movie: Disney is the Devil
favorite season: Summer
favorite sound: thunder! oh yeah baby!
favorite topping: hmmm, what am I topping?
pick a song that describes yourself or that you can relate to: "hardly" by hayden
do you like school food: when I was in school I never ate
if you could live anywhere, where would it be: Portland, OR, but I really don't know, because there are lots of places I haven't been that are probably cooler
if you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: oh it's cliche, but green. although blue would look good with my eyes.
if you had to choose between the love of your life and your family wich would you leave behind?: I hate my family
favorite magazine: i don’t like magazines, there are a few zines I read, but I have no real favorites.
favorite flower: dandelions, don't you dare call them pests!
when you meet a person of the opposite sex, you first notice: their attitude and personality
favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate tofutti
what kind of girls/guys are you attracted to: confident, strong, energetic, and someone who doesn’t follow the mold of what is expected of their gender.
most embarrasing moment: i’m too perfect to embarrass myself
who are your best friends: hell if I know anymore
do you believe in yourself: I believe I can fail at anything I set my mind to
if you could change anything about yrself, what would it be: I’d get rid of my depression, then every other problem I have with myself would go away.
do you bursh yr teeth first, then eat? or vice versa: eat first then brush
can a guy and grrl be just friends: of course
is the glass half-empty or half-full: it depends on how it started
if you could be one tool, which would you be: this is stupid, a hammer I guess
favorite time of the day: sunrise (if i’m awake), it makes me feel all warm inside
do you like to drive: not really
favorite soundtrack: who doesn't like the first Crow Soundtrack?
would you ever ask a member of the opposite sex out: yep, it’s hard but yes
would you mind paying for a date: wait, does that mean like a prostitute or like just going on a date and paying for everything?
what are the most important parts of a person's personality: confidence and honesty
do you have a pager or cell phone: no, and I never will, damn yuppies
favorite sport: I hate sports sooo damn much. But if I were ever forced to watch just one sport for the rest of my life, it would be Soccer.
best gift you've ever been given: a Gargoyle Statue, it's so beautiful
who is your biggest crush right now: I refuse to answer this
who was your first crush: when I was in third grade at a Catholic school I totally fell in love with this one girl, I think she liked me too. I had dreams about her for years, I think her name was Kelly.
how long did this take you to fill out: over a half hour, i’ve been distracted.
# of times you saw titanic: I never have and really don’t care to
favorite shampoo/conditioner: well it really doesn’t matter, but I recently discovered that if I don’t use either my hair looks pretty good and is still pretty clean, at least for a few days
son/daughter names: I don’t have any, but when I do have kids (and I will), they will definetly get unique names. Something with a nature feel, like a hippy name. They'll get made fun of through Jr High, but who doesn't.
favorite bra color: probably black, they look the best.
boxers or briefs?: boxers definetly boxers
thongs or bikinis:
I wear neither, but if I had to pick, bikini.
# of pillows: right now I have 4.
favorite drink: green tea
favorite thing to do on the weekend: uhm, just, ya know kick it wit da homies.
have you ever gone skinny dipping: hell no
have you ever been convicted of any crimes: nope
if you were to kill someone, which method would you use: why would I kill someone?
what is the most romantic thing that ever happened to you: not much romantic stuff happens TO me, I usually have to do it. And in all modesty I think I can be very romantic.
are you a good friend: I could be if I had friends
favorite town to hang in: Portland, or just Bend (since I live here)
f you were to replace Ginger Spice in the Spice Girls, what "Spice" would you be: DUH. Straight Edge Spice!
fave perfume/cologne: I don’t like either
fav alcoholic drink: none for me thank you
fav. sport to watch: I hate sports
loudest person i know: I wont name names
craziest person i know: Markey Wirges
have you ever been in love: Everytime I think so I keep feeling something new, that feels more like what I thought love would be. So if I had to answer now, yes. But when I'm 40 and I look back at where I am now I may say I was wrong.
best line to a song: "the real revolution, starts within." the real, by Refused
what do you remember most about this year: Amy
best concert: AFI, the Drapes (suck), and Cigar.
how many rings before you answer the phone: 2
ac/open windows: open windows
best feeling in the world: probably pride
worst feeling in the world: when you realize that the person you love either doesn’t love you or doesn’t want to be around you.
where do you see yrself in 10 years: owning my own business, and living alone.
What is on the walls in your room: posters, postcards, calendar, clock.. the usual
first thing you thought about when you woke up: "i really should get up, really. It’s almost noon, I can’t go back to sleep, eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh(this is me whining)"
first thing you did this morning: turned on my heater
if you could streak in front of anyone's house, who would it be: what would that accomplish? But if there was anyone in the world who would appreciate it the most it would probably be Madonna, so her.
if you could be any shoe, what type would you be: black-high top-Chuck Taylor-Converse.
describe yourself in one word: imbroglio (look it up)
thunderstorms-cool or scary?: oooh god I love them! a lot!
event most important to you in life: my dad’s death
worst thing you've ever done: I’d rather not get into that.

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