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Ok maybe a few of you who actually frequent this page will notice that I haven't updated this page too often, well I could just lie and say i've been busy, but that is far from the truth. I know that a few of you will give me shit for this one, but I'm losing interest in the straight edge hardcore scene so I have been unmotivated to update a page of things I am losing faith in. Like many former straight edge kids I feel that the militant shit that has been now linked to the movement have ruined the whole reason for being straight edge in the first place. Now I'm not saying I've given up on being straight edge because I will always be straight edge. It is a part of me, always will be. But I think I've realized that this macho "i'm more straight edge than you" shit is just that, shit. I can't stand the jock attitudes that have been such a part of straight edge. Victory records have done nothing to coutner this shit, in fact they have done a lot to create this negative bad ass, jock boy scene. When I chose to be straight edge, Victory was all I knew. And at the time I loved it. But, things have changed, even in the 3 or 4 years i've been straight edge. It has become a gang, it really truely has. Look around.
This new sXe has kids who THINK it's ok to beat up a kid who smokes, who THINK it's ok to torture those who torture animals, who THINK that they are better than everyone, who THINK that punks are the enemy, who THINK hardcore means violence. Damn it, this hypocricy and stupidity is really just creating more of the problems that they are trying to fight.
Beating someone up will not make them believe what you do. All that does is sharpen that line between groups of people.
If you want someone to stop smoking/eating meat/doing drugs/drinking alcohol/ or whatever else... you have to EDUCATE THEM, as well as set an example for them. Really, violence brings violence. Where as discussing and educating brings change.
It almost seems that the current sXe movement has no goal, and no motivations. They don't really want to stop drugs/alcohol/tobacco from killing our friends and families, they dont' want equality for all living creatures, they just want to seperate themselves even more from the whole of society. Some may say that their goal is really to rid the world of drug and animal abuse, and they may believe they are doing that, but when you analyze your methods of doing so, you must realize that you are doing no more than to isolate yourself and create enimies.
Ok i've ranted and got that off my chest now if you have any questions either post them in the guestbook or write to me personally.

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