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Both print zines, personal, ezines, scene pages and similar stuff listed here. If you know of some more cool stuff let me know.

XQueer EdgeX cool page, check out the Ian interview
X ONFIRE X Sweeeet page, with tons of pictures
Illdisposed hardcore
InPunkWeTrust crust, punk, hardcore stuff
World United
Punk Uprisings good show, good ezine
X sxe in my heard, sxe till i die X kickin ass in NJ
sXe 4-Life generic name, good content
a learned life of spiritual poverty
XexampleX e-zine teXas hardcore stuff
Spell Of Maya sXe zine by a guy from Utah
X sisterhood X for the ladies in straight edge!!!
Thexder 7 Starwars and other stuff about him
Shannon cool sXe hardcore girl
X DO RAE ME X awesome web site!!
No Masters, No Slaves
Flex Your Head
NW DIY Culture Guide
10 Things Jesus Wants You to Know it's NOT religious
Even The Score zine-radio-label
Search of Serenity
Irregular Youth sort of grrlish
Against All Odds animal rights sorta stuff
Handbook for Revolutionaries Political Zine by the Refused
Revolution Now!!!! by Darrell from Boy Sets Fire
Friction amazing site, you gotta check this one out
ahimsa cool hardcore site
Don't Let That Crap Bring You Down
XhardcoreX good stuff
ABC NO RIO famous NY venue
XXXvegan straight edgeXXX RAD SITE!!!!!!!!
Global Hardcore BMX/Skateboarding Crew
Change Today? punk stuff
Crust as Fuck tons of stuff on this site
Hardcore Lives! nuff said.
X believe X straight-edge, punk, etc.
Cuddle uhh hmmm, just check it out
the womb
Oasis magazine for and by queer youth

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