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writtings, and a few other neat things, If you have any writings let me know, then I can put them up here.

1)what's wrong with straight edge
Liberation or Pacification?poem type thing
3)untitled anti vivisection song lyrics
4)me getting all emotional one night.

Straight Edge in the media

Transcripts, Articles, etc. from mainstream media on Straight Edge positive and negative. These are copyright to their respective corporate creators.

1)Our World, CNN 1996
2)20/20, ABC 1999

Your Top Ten! due to me being lazy I decided not to continue the top ten section, sorry.

Listen to my very own "Radio Station", it's sort of a radio station. There are a lot of different styles of music played on it, be prepared for ANYTHING. You can fast forward through what you don't like. Oh and by the way, there are some things I have to get rid of from the play list, but I haven't gotten around to it. So some of it still sucks.

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